Saturday, 11 January 2020

'Tis True

The puppy pushed me to my limits
The adult is sublime 


carrie said...

Think most of us have been through this at some time ~ it is so true, and makes me smile too. Think this mostly applied to our Gryff, whom Glyn found in Camden Square, reported it to local police who told us that after a month if no~one claimed him, he was ours. Was about 2 months old at the time, small black/white lab mongi, had lost Treacle GSD 8 months before, so was ready. Not ready for destruction of carpets, all shoes, boots, handbags, obsession with logs, enormous branches up on the Heath, running along with half a tree in his mouth with Glyn running behind him shouting to fellow walkers, Mind Your Legs. But gradually, gradually he became the most wonderful, loving, obedient dog, and to Gvyn he was 'My Boy Gryff'. He lived to nearly 17, came everywhere with us staying in hotels and rented houses all over the country and never put a paw wrong.

Lin said...

Ross has certainly grown into the most adorable and well behaved boy , but didn't expect anything else from him being with you to guide him though he did push your buttons at times x