Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Weather, Dogs and Cats

This morning little Perry sat by the window waiting for it to be opened so he could get out. I told him I didn't think he'd want to go that way this morning, but he continued to sit and wait. I opened the window to prove my point ... and he decided he didn't like the wind and would stay in after all. It's windy, yes, but of course no way near as powerful as the Winter winds. I have to laugh when people on low ground say it's windy, I often feel like say .. "Fancy coming to visit?" When I moved here, my word 23 years ago, I was not prepared and those first 2 winters here alone sure where a culture shock. The wind howling through the semi derelict parts of the cottage, the windows and doors rattling ... more snow than I'd ever seen in my life, bare in mind I'm from Tremadog, an inch of snow was excitement there. And of course, no water as it had frozen outside and no heating as I'd drained the water system so could not light the fire .. yeah a shock. So now when I hear of people moving up here and saying they were not prepared for this wind I am sad but also a little surprised. In this day and age of internet research it is much easier to have all the facts ... apparently their static caravan was opened along the top like a can of sardines and it's contents spread across neighboring fields. I fear the Winter will give them a huge shock!
We got some lovely photos in the field in the sunshine on Monday afternoon. It was Linda's last week here until the Spring and we took advantage of her to get the photos and videos of Ross! We also got this stunning photo of Linda's Lexi. She is from our "H" litter, Asha's daughter sister to Jezi and Ziva. Her coat looking immaculate, but Linda's dogs always do. I have to be honest I could never do justice to this kind of coat, it takes dedication and time and care. I can imagine that Lexi would have done really well in L/C classes had they been more available when she was younger.
The L/C who is coming to Nico has finally come in season. I gather she has been almost impossible to mate and they have tried A.I with her. I am hoping Nico can mate her naturally ... he's usually very competent and determined .. here's hoping! 
I think our winning success at open shows this last year seems to have pissed off a local exhibitor. Between Loki, Kaiah and Bella we have had BOB at every open show we attended in North Wales over the last year. Travelling further south we where only beaten once in The Royal Welsh, and in to England I can only think of two occasions when one of the three didn't pick up the BOB. (and Ross was RBOB on one of those occasions) There's only a couple of shows left to go this year, it would be great to keep the winning streak going but I gather one of the shows will be a done deal ... we'll see!!!! I know I do not own Bella but being a Nico daughter I class her as one of the team! I can imagine that it is frustrating to always be beaten, but don't blame us for that, look closer to home and you may get the answers you need!
We've also had a great run at Champ shows, Loki, Sammi, Kaiah and Ross have done me so proud through out the year. Even at the disastrous EOE Sammi managed to come home with a third. One thing is for sure I'll never enter under that judge again, if he was judging in the Fron community centre I'd be washing my hair that day. It was awful judging, just awful and his critique for Ross has offended me greatly. I don't mind criticism of their construction or movement but to say he was unfit offended me, I took that as a personal criticism. My dogs are fit as fleas, exercised daily and with all the swimming Ross does he has muscles where the others don't! Sorry if I'm going on about it, like others have said forget it now, the opinion of an idiot ... but I'm still pissed and I guess I'll never forgive and forget this one.
Loki continues to confuse us, today he hasn't been to the toilet at all.. and there I was this morning standing in the wind and rain waiting for a sample. This is so confusing!
The wind has dropped but now it's raining, I guess the rain is the lesser of the 2 evils today. Waterproofs on and shit pot in my pocket then ....


Lin said...

Hope maybe Loki is getting right but at least you're prepared with the poo pot which I hope you don't need. Thank you so much for the lovely comments of Lexi and just love the pic of her even though it did take a while LOL

ian turner said...

it has been a fantastic year rhian with the blaniks and bella hopefully next year will be just as good and to see little kasey joining the gang another one of nicos little ones