Friday, 2 November 2018

Too Harsh!

Not often do I get critiques that upset me, but this one from East Of England for Ross really has. I don't believe in hiding the poor critiques, it just doesn't make sense when so many others including myself see him through different eyes! We all know he's had issues with pano on the front and back .. but OMG he wasn't that bad or I'd have never shown him. To be honest after what the judge did with Dai Bach in the previous class I wish I'd gone with my gut and withdrawn Ross now. There is just no need to be so harsh with young dogs,  (He withheld Dai's place!) had Ross been an unsound adult then I'd get it. If he seriously thought he was that unsound then he should have withheld his place too. Goes to show that I should have listened to Sarah and not wasted my money on the judge, lesson learned!!! 

 2 Stanley & Bibby's Silkenwood Poldark Of Blanik. 13 months old. Good construction but very loose in his movement. Strong head and forehand. Deep well sprung ribs but needs a lot of work to get his body toning right. 

There's also a critique for Kaiah from South Western GSD - No complaints, again Sarah told me not to go and Kaiah was terribly naughty for her new handler!!!!  
 2 Stanley's Blanik Jeevana. 22 month black and tan, good head and ear carriage, nice eye. Good reach of neck, good front and shoulders. Good topline and croup, gait away and back steady, side gait did not have the drive of the winner.

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Lin said...

Needs toning !!!!!! I don't think so , no wonder it upset you x