Saturday, 3 November 2018

Bryn Derwin

I use to walk here so much in days gone by. It was close to where my lovely friend Gaynor lived at the time and we would meet and walk the 6 or 7 dogs we had between us. We where both single and the friendship she showed me as I was going through the divorce etc is one that will stay with me forever. As my family got larger it was still a safe place for free running dogs and we loved to go. But being a sustainable forest work started and the piece of heaven became a nightmare to walk dogs. I've kept away for years .. like I said I went just the once with Krizzie but since I can't think I've been. A friend did go and said it was barren .. well the little piece of heaven is now thriving again. This was not the path I use to follow, I always went to the second path but I wanted to explore yesterday and really enjoyed myself. It was ideal for the dogs, long stretches, open spaces, ditches, streams and then woodland. Being less than 20 mins from home I honestly can't wait to take the others there next week now .. they'll love it! 
Kaiah and Ross
Jezi and Nico 
Really peed off with myself, due to lack of patience I edited and added these photo to Facebook using the camera WIFI. The first few I did I deleted after editing, not realising that the photo size had also been edited! To edit this photo any more now with the laptop would loose the clarity ... damn!!!
The laptop seems to be working well ... here's hoping it'll keep going for a few more years now. 


ian turner said...

fantastic pictures off them really love the one with the 4

Lin said...

Wow it looks lovely there