Sunday, 11 February 2018

Visiting The Cofis

Ross and Kaiah were over the moon to go visiting friends today, but for different reason. I took both in separately and Ross loved socialising  and looking around the house, Kaiah on the other hand couldn't take her eyes off the Sunday lunch. She loves raw veg and as Tracy was preparing her veg as we chatted  Kaiah's eyes were on stalks! 
It all went very well and Ross has had a morning out, though I guess going up stairs kind of defeated the object. Luckily Ian was able to guide him back down step by step. He now has a bone to keep him quite for a while and then hopefully he'll be ready for a sleep!


Lin said...

Glad the visit went well and did Kaiah get some veg ha ha ha lovely pics and hope Ross has settled with his bone x

ian turner said...

ross and kaiah was verry well behaved they are welcome anytime loved seen them