Saturday, 10 February 2018

First Visitor

Ross has had his first visitor now he's in his sick bed! He had to see Rosie alone so after the first 5 mins he was calm and happy. Keeping him away from the other dogs is hard but I think the right thing to do, and isn't he just a different dog without them!
Ross has been invited to Ian's tomorrow and I'm sure he'll love it. Ian has kindly offered to put the bitches in the van whilst we visit which is ideal as being with other dogs does get him so excited which I'll have to bare in mind when going to dog club.
Next week we have some plans and invites, he can even come for a run out when I goo to the dentist on Friday. Just somewhere or something everyday would be good for him mentally and we have some knuckled bones on order for the beginning of the week. WE CAN DO THIS. lol 

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Lin said...

Put him in the van and come here LOL keeping him occupied is such a good idea the time will soon pass and lets hope all will be ok for him x