Friday, 2 February 2018

Happy Walks

Jezi and Nico on the top path
Today I decided to walk all the dogs in Cwm Dulyn, three different walks but in the same area. I know I've said this before but Cwm Dulyn means - Valley of the black lake - it's clear from some of the photos where the name comes from. I was feeling quite adventurous on my first walk with Nico and Jezi and did the full circle heading off along the wall then coming back down to the lake. It was a super walk and half way I think I may have found another walk, well not found it, it's always been there just that I considered that the 2 bits may connect! Not sure yet but next time I'll give it a go.
Happy girls at the far side of the lake
The girls where in the van waiting whilst I did walk one so on my second walk I decided to go to the far side of the lake and walk into the "Cwm!" As I set off I considered that Asha and Ziva had never been there. With Tali always with them we had never attempted the steep styles and therefore stuck to walking at the nearside of the lake or walked along the wall and back. Sammi flew over the style, as she does; it's a shame I only remembered half way up that she goes over first or joins me half way over. Luckily she got past me without throwing me off. But on the second style I sent her over and as I followed she came to full stop, I got a mouthful of tail and mud! Asha and Ziva struggled a little on the styles but both did well. To be fair to Asha she did a super job attempting a style like this for the first time at over 9 years old. All credit to her, but I think she found it well worth it and finding this new place had her as high as a kite. Sammi and Ziva were OTT too, but well behaved even with sheep catching us out hiding in the reeds the girls were all faultless.
Young Guns at the near side of the lake
After bringing the 5 home I set off again with the Young Guns. Kaiah is in season but still Ok with the boys today, but maybe not for many more days. With Ross still lame on and off I didn't want to attempt the styles and parked at the far end waking to the nearside of the lake for them to have a paddle. After a quick dip I followed the wall to the big rock and had my heart in my mouth as Ross went flying up it. Going up is no worry to me, coming down is a concern. Luckily he waited on the top for us to get there and came down the sensible way, back the way he came which slopes to the floor.
Ross first on the rock
On a walk you don't really realise that Ross is lame, but after the walk he is obviously lame for a while. If it was not for previous lameness and elbow pain I would be hoping that this was simply panosteitis which is an inflammation of the long bones, a painful condition but only a growing pain. Lia had it, as did her sister but they were in a lot more pain than Ross, but then Ross could simply be being stoic. I hope that nothing else goes amiss next week and we can finally get to the vet and get the answers, though it scares me at least then we will be able to plan for the future.
More photos on Flickr, but all of them will be in the Winter 2017/18 on Facebook.


ian turner said...

loved all the pictures of them and it sounds like you had a fantastic day out with them today

Lin said...

Such lovely pics and looks like you had nice walks x