Friday, 9 February 2018

Plan Of Action

 After squealing and squeaking at every bit of him that was touched by the vet today Ross was taken to another room away from me to be examined. They felt giving him something to focus on may help get a truer picture of what was going on.  With cats in pens to look at they were able to find the source of the pain and it is his right elbow, or possibly just above the joint, which would make sense if this all stems from him crashing into the rock as he ran. That would also be a better prognosis for us and Ross. Here's hoping!
The vet suggested 2 plans of action, we Xray now or we enforce strict rest for 4 weeks and then Xray if necessary. She felt that if we Xray now the chances are we would still need to rest him for 4 weeks. Following a long conversation between the 4 of us we decided on the latter. It's going to be hell but we have to do it. Should Ross still be showing signs of pain after 4 weeks and the Xrays are not clear to our vet then they will be sent to Rutland House Surgery for specialist examination.
Ross will only be allowed a 10 minute walk and accesses to the yard to go to the toilet. He needs as much cage rest as possible. Whist I consider all of this as pretty doable the biggest nightmare will be no wresting with the girls which the vet felt was worse for him than any other form of exercise. He spends most of his day wresting with Ziva, Sammi and/or Kaiah so this will be a struggle. I can only think that in the evening he will have to sit on the lead in the living room. She did agree that taking him out in the van was a great idea as it was mentally stimulating. So we'll take him with us where ever we go, shopping, visiting friends and family etc. Even dog club and shows should be OK, she agreed that just nice and steady around the ring twice can do no harm and would be preferable to racing round at home with the girls.
This next month is going to be hard on us and him, but we have to try and just hope that this works and that we can soon look back at this time as an unpleasant memory and a learning curve.
P.S - Top photo taken last night and the other two taken this morning before the rules of the house were changed!


Lin said...

Lets hope that the rest will help Ross and you wont have to think of doing any more to him. The resting bit isn't going to be easy but you'll get into a routine with him and I've everything crossed for him x

ian turner said...

lets hope the rest will make him better it isnt going to be easy for you either

carrie said...

Anything I can do to help distract him, let me know.Bring him down any time for visits.Dont know if U allow knuckle bones but mine chew on hem for hours.The ones from Home Bargains are baked quite cheap and smell nice!!

Tali said...

I think that would be good for him Carrie, thank you. I'll try and get him down in the week. We are thinking of trying to get him a raw knuckle bone as I wouldn't have to keep supervising him with that. I think I'll look in Morrisons as they sometimes have them.

carrie said...

Used to get them from butchers at top of Pool St. just past Freshfield shop. Delighted to see him whenever X