Monday, 26 February 2018

Twll Braich

We are now over half way through Ross' month of restricted exercise and to be honest it's getting harder. They boy is so well behaved in the crate, he's quiet and not destructive. but when he has his time out .. OMG .. it's hell! He has so much pent up energy, he's wired and I end up chasing after him to recover stolen goods or continually saving cats from his reach. He's up on the furniture, throwing water bowls around, taking clothes off the radiator, ragging cushions .. you know it he's doing it.  But who can blame him? He's not being challenged mentally or physically and he's at an age when he should be living his life to the full. Still we continue to do as we've been advised and in a couple of weeks we'll start introducing him back into the group over a period of a week or so. He will obviously have lost some muscle tone so tearing around with Kaiah all day again may not be ideal at first. It will be a scary time as of course if there is still a weakness there that will be the time when we'll see it. 
After everyone had been walking today I decided to take Ross to see Twll Braich. He'd never been and I feel it's important they go there and see it. The quarry hole is a long stones throw from the cottage and though we don't often walk past it I like the dogs to know it's there. Ross was extremely careful and seem to sense the danger more than others have done. Saying that he was also very curious and had to keep look down at the water but he would not turn his back to it. I have always found the dogs show so much common sense here, but I would never take two or three youngsters there incase they missed their footing or were careless when racing around. Anyway I'm glad we went, in stunning sunshine it looked amazing. 

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Lin said...

Lovely pics of Ross in one of my favourite places x