Monday, 5 February 2018

Kaiah At The Vets Today!

Two weeks ago I was taking Ross to be seen by the vets but Tali got ill, plans cancelled. Last week I rescheduled and as everyone knows it went drastically wrong again. So I was hoping to get an appointment to take Ross to see Beth the vet today or tomorrow but this morning Kaiah was ill. Well not seriously ill but she still needed to be see. 
Poor Kaiah has cystitis and is weeing thimble fulls ever 20 mins or so. Bless her she got us up in the night, she just couldn't get comfortable. I had started her on boiled pearl barley yesterday but it was too much of a risk to leave her incase it started to affect the kidneys. I was also told today that in some cases it can bring on a pyometra and as Kaiah is in season it's not a risk I'm happy to take. Anyway hopefully the antibiotics will work quickly and give her relief.
Being cheeky I took Ross with me hoping Beth would be there, sadly she was out on call. No disrespect to the lovely vet who treated Kaiah today but I want the continuity with Ross. Anyway they had a lovely walk on the way back, we stopped at Bont Fechan and walked down to Ynysain beach. Happy dogs!


ian turner said...

beautiful pictures of them hope kaiah is better soon

Lin said...

Hoe Kaiah soon feels better and shame that you missed seeing Beth. Looks like Kaiah and Ross had a good time x