Saturday, 3 February 2018

Common Courtesy

People book stud dogs and then last minute for some reason change their minds. Shit happens! But all it takes is a phone call to cancel, actually not even that a text, PM or an e.mail will do.
Nico had a bitch booked to him last week. Not a pet bitch, but a nice quality bitch from people who show. They messaged me and asked if he was available? I asked for the bitches details and did my homework checking out the breeding, health tests and COF (inbreeding coefficient) which were all favorable. Photos where exchanged and then we had a long phone call to discuss the details. The bitch would be idexx tested but usually ready at around day 15 which took her to last Monday or Tuesday. Great .. so I waited to hear .. and I still waited, but I heard nothing.
You know I'm not an unreasonable person, I understand that things go wrong or that people change their minds but it's only common courtesy to cancel, to let the owner of the dog know. They may not be jumping for joy but at least you will have gained respect by being honest and letting them know!


Lin said...

That's not on as you say they could have at least let you know x

ian turner said...

like you said people change they minds but it isnt hard for them to let you know it is the decent thing to do