Thursday, 8 February 2018

Thinking Of The Future

Ross' show career is hanging in the balance. I couldn't currently show him as he looks unsound, but next week he may look OK. Until we have a diagnosis, a prognosis and a plan of action it's hard to know what lies ahead for Ross really. Worse case scenario is he will need elbow surgery, and then I'll have to beg, borrow or steal to get him treated. Anyone got a few thousand going spare? Best case would be that the previous elbow problem has healed and is nothing to do with the current lameness and maybe now he has a mild case of Pano. Teddy who's Ross' half brother (Same sire) has been suffering from pano and it does carry in families, I must remember to mention this to the vet!  Of course my glass is always half empty, I hope for the best, but in this case I fear the worst. After talking to a friend who had a young male with similar issues Steve thinks we should leave off any Xrays until Ross is over 12 months. Of course though the symptoms are similar the cause may not be the same! Anyway the vets appointments has been made, again .. hopefully this time it goes to plan and we get there and at least the wheels will be set in motion.
Kaiah looks superb, though I hate to admit it she currently has the potential to be the best bitch I've bred in a long time. Now her coat is almost complete, her conformation and colour are extremely eye catching. I wonder what to do with her in the future. Maybe I won't show her locally, I'll keep her back for Champ shows, breed shows and breed specialists. She's really too good to be second out of three to a lesser quality bitch at say ... Porthmadog show (If there was one!) I'll be honest I'd probably sulk in that situation, so best not put her there, already she has nothing to prove. After saying that I have entered her at a limit show next month, as I did it I did think "What the feck are you doing?"  Still it's a week before Crufts to maybe a practice run will do her good! If I can get Ross shown I think after Crufts that may be it for Kaiah at smaller shows, put the little lady at the top with a handler on the lead and see where she goes from there. I can always change my mind at a later date.
Loki is looking well too. I will continue to show him at every level, including local shows. Maybe that's a bit of contradiction after what I just said about Kaiah but I enjoy showing him myself and will take the rough with the smooth. I do think he's at his best with someone else on the lead, but he's very impressive with me showing him too. I guess he has a "look at me" attitude in stance  which always helps, and of course he's able to adjust his gait to suit any type of ring. The only think Loki hates is the heat and after Cheshire last year it's something to bare in mind in the Summer.
Sammi Belle is looking the best ever. Earlier in the year I told Sarah that if her lost tooth was to go against her then I would stop showing her, (Sammi not Sarah) but I did feel that Sammi looks the best she's ever done. I also think Sammi looks at her best with a handler and I may not show her at many shows locally either. Saying that I know her limitations and this may be her last year at Champ show level as I don't think she quite has what it taken to move into Open classes with the Champion bitches. I won't waste my money or belittle her by seeing her always at the back of the class .. we'll see what this year brings with it now!
Asha also loves her shows and I will try my best to take her when I can. Whilst she wants to go,
enjoys herself  and looks sound I certainly will make sure she gets to a handful of shows this year. She's out of veteran and in "Vintage" now where the class is available.
I don't really show Ziva and Jezi. Ziva doesn't like it and Jezi's colour always goes against her. I also stopped showing Nico as he tries to hard and twists his hocks, but he'll be a veteran in April so maybe we'll get him out then .. if finances allow and there's room in the van/s to take him of course!

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Lin said...

By now I've read about Ross' visit to the vets and here's hoping all will be ok for his future. The others are really looking good and should all do well in the ring x