Tuesday, 6 February 2018

The Bond

We all know Ross hasn't been the easiest of puppies. Having been use to boys who are easy he's been quite the handful, like I imagine Kai was. (Though I never had the pleasure of that time with him) He's full of self confidence, mischievous, cocky and noisy. We still have issues to address with his behaviour, mouthing me being currently the most annoying. I'm a qualified dog trainer and have years of experience of this breed but nothing has worked. I've done everything it says in the book, and a lot of stuff not mentioned in print, but he doesn't give a flying feck ... it's all a big joke to him.
I'll be honest, maybe because of my health there have been times when I've struggled with him, he's had me in tears and close to chucking in the towel. I say no he says Why? But maybe because of the extra work I'm putting in recently my bond with him has grown stronger and stronger. He's becoming quite affectionate, though I do wish he'd let go of my hand! He very well behaved on a walk, but to be fair he always has been. His recall is pretty good and I was so impressed with his response when we got caught out by strays sheep the other day. That was definitely a ten out of ten day.
Yeah I can honestly say, it may have taken a bit of extra time, but I'm quite smitten with Mr Poldark now.


carrie said...

Reading this had to laugh and thought welcome to my world! As I have recently been reminded there is an enormous difference in taking on a puppy to adopting a grown dog. Of course Ross was a pup when he arrived, but still not one bred on the property ~ with my own dogs over the years felt the new ones learnt from the pack and this has happened to an extent with my Romanian rescue. BUT because of her previous methods of surviving [literally] she has her own ideas as to when she will come in, if she even WANTS to come in, and WHY the hell SHOULD she come in? In all other respects she is gorgeous, affectionate, loves Bruno, eats anything [including boots, slippers, two bras, oh and cardboard boxes.] Ross has the wonderful example of what is expected, and as I observed even with my Yanto, can copy what the pack are doing ~ having been in your obedience classes for years with Yanto and Bruno and seen the obedience of your brilliant training, I can now only smile to think Ross is living up to his Poldark traits ~ all male, entirely his own man, and needs a good woman [you] to train him up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lin said...

I know he's a handful but I also know that eventually you will win. Can't wait to see him and I would think although I'll notice a difference in his size and colour I'm sure I'll see a difference in his behaviour xx