Wednesday, 7 February 2018

More Snow

Just another light covering over night and the Blaniks are high as kites again today. Actually it's been years since we have been snowed in but there's no getting out of here today. Well you could get out, but I doubt you'd get back up. With the last 2 hills not being on a bus lane it's never treated. Do we care, do we hell! It's not the amount of snow as there's very little really just the facts the snow has frozen solid on the hills. 
Yesterday's photo of Ross caused controversy on Facebook with people saying it didn't look like him? Well I can only think that the light made him look darker and of course he's panting so his head looks more mature. In my opinion the group photo today shows how mature he's looking now too. Baby boy is growing up, though he still hasn't really noticed Kaiah is in season unlike the other two boys who are now being kept away from her.  

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Lin said...

lovely snow pics again x