Friday, 5 January 2018

You Take The High Road ...

On walk 2 we absolutely got hammered in the hail, I honestly didn't think it was going to stop but I was the only one that seemed to care! Anyway I opted to turn back slightly earlier than I normally would, but within minutes the hail had stopped and I had a rethink and decided to take a longer route home. This is not a path I use but it takes me a short while further round, I just thought they would like it  .. but not everyone agreed, someone decided she was going home the usual way, and nothing I could do would convince her otherwise. 
So there goes Tali ... her own way home...
and yes in the interest of her safety as the paths got further from each other we did have to cross over and go her way!
 Can You See Her?
Zooming in ..

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Lin said...

Loved the pics and yes I could see Tali just !!!!!! x