Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Billy's Eyes

Last night when I was doing something I shouldn't, breaking the diet and stealing out of the fridge .. 2 cats came running into the kitchen. The fridge door always brings Junior in and last night Billy was not far behind. As they both looked up at me hoping for a bit of my stolen goods I noticed Billy's eyes looked funny, particularly his left eye. I wondered if it was the light in the kitchen so I picked him up and took him into another room. I could still see the same, I could almost see into his eye, and there I could also see a slight cloudy patch on his right eye. Old cat cataracts I suppose, and I hope it's nothing more, but I need to find out. I've not noticed any differences in his vision, he gets about normally, but then animals do, they adapt and get on with life don't they.
Sadly Jill Hubbard only does the BVA eye test now. She has been a huge loss to me and my animals, well in my opinion to the animals of North Wales and it left me with the quandary of where shall I take him? I thought about it for a while as I really like Beth at Milfeddygon Deufor in Ffor, but I opted to stick to Cibyn as any records he has are there and I made the appointment to see Rachel who is an excellent vet and who saw him as the tiny flea ridden handful he was when Steve arrived home with him in 2002. I have the first of a few dentist appointments to face today so tomorrow morning it is for Billy.

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Lin said...

Hope all goes well for Billy tomorrow x