Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Late Walks

We usually walk in the mornings, but with the vet's appointment mid morning the guys had to wait till this afternoon for their walk today. It's been another stunning day of clear blue skies and Winter sunshine. I even ended up carrying my coat on the last walk. 
Tali came out eagerly for her walk today but would not come near the van. With everyone else in and waiting it took a little persuasion to get her to come close enough to persuade her to jump in. Unfortunately I know what the problem is but don't know how to get round it. Following a walk last week Steve decided to get her into the van before I got round to the side. I do it daily, I know her routine, he doesn't and sadly he got in her away and she fell out backwards. Since then she has been much more wary of jumping in, but all I can do is keep at it and hope she gets over it. Steve feels terrible about it as he realised it was his error, these things sadly happen. 
On walk two with the ladies I saw 2 bags of sheep food had been left leaning on a wall by a gateway. The girls sniffed it and went past, but on the way back one greedy bitch disappeared .. yes she had made a hole in the bag and had helped herself to some sheep nuts! Well it was a silly place to leave it and Asha just can't help herself can she!
My bag of vet beds came, such a good deal, 5 huge pieces for just over £60. I've no idea what we would do without vet beds these days and I do get pleasure out of getting things for the dogs. Like I've said before I prefer buying toys and vet beds to clothes shopping any day. I also love it when people send them stuff for Xmas, it gives me more pleasure to see them with their stuff than it does for me to open our gifts. I've also ordered a show collar for Ross, he's grown out of the one I was using for him. I've also had to order an everyday collar for Kaiah as hers "just broke," yes Kaiah!
Skint now, but happy!

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Lin said...

love all the pics and shame about Tali and the van but hopefully she'll be fine. Your weather is so much better than ours me and Lexi were in the mist tis morning