Sunday, 7 January 2018


It was 3.50pm on the 7/1/05 when "she" was born. Unlike today's sunny crisp weather, I remember rain, relentless rain for the whole day. 5 boys had preceded her, another 3 boys would follow her. The decision was made that day ... "She" was staying! Even if she had been a long coat she would have stayed and at that time a L/c was considered a fault in the show ring. My opinion on the coat and the practicalities of them working and showing is well documented, so lets just say I was thrilled she was a standard coat.
 No doubt it hasn't always been an easy ride with our intelligent headstrong young lady. The clever ones are always harder .. and Tali has always thought for herself, no doubt she was a learning curve! She is now the oldest of 5 generations of Blanik bitches, and has lived with the previous 4 generations too, quite an achievement really.
I guess 13 is really old for this breed, but what is so great is how well she's doing at 13 years old. She has no mobility problems, other than a slight lopsidedness from the vestibular syndrome, she can jump on the sofa, jump in the van and run (or bunny hop) down the mountain. Of course she is not without her problems, the IBS is currently controlled with an expensive food and antibiotics. She is now very deaf .. not selectively as it was, and she has this nuclear sclerosis which means she struggles with dark colours and in darker conditions .. does she care? Does she feck! Life goes on, dogs are amazing, she is amazing ..annoying, headstrong, determined but amazing and we wouldn't have her any other way!

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Lin said...

Happy Birthday beautiful Tali you really are the best x