Monday, 1 January 2018

Happy New Year Walks

 Jezi and Nico at LLyn Cop in the sunshine 
 Steve came with me on walk 2 so we took Loki with the ladies. 
The parking area for Llyn Cop was a mud bath and I walked from the village on the first walk. There was no way I could have stayed on my feet walking a large group of dogs through the mud towards Llyn Cop so we opted to go up hill with Tali, Ziva, Sammi, Asha and Loki
Just Ross and Kaiah on the last walk on the base of Mynydd Cilgwyn and along to Llyn Cop. This could have been a super pic, but Ross closed his eyes. Maybe he was thinking if he closed his eyes Kaiah may actually stay there this time!!
As predicted the weather soon turned and we just got caught in the rain as we got back to the van, still a lovely morning out with the kids and the pleasure of Steve's company for one walk. 

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Lin said...

Love all the pics and sounds like you all had a good time x