Friday, 12 January 2018

Five And Four

This morning I popped to take some things to Freshfields, the rescue centre where I worked for almost 12 years. It was great to see everyone, but I couldn't help but think of dear Scamp. It was so sad that he had to live his life out in a rescue centre, but at least there he was safe and well cared for. After saying hello to Vanessa who was working hard with her 30+ horses I went to visit Gail in the kitten unit and found myself cleaning out pens whilst talking to her and Lesley. It was like I had done it yesterday, I just got on with it and nattered away. Nothing was that different, other than some unfamiliar faces it felt like home. Sad really I gave so much of myself to the place and the circumstances of my leaving still upset me.
Following my 40 mins reminder of work I went on to Cwm Dulyn. I'd loaded the van with dogs and had Nico and Jezi in the back and the three older ladies in the front. Give or take a few choice swear words between the sisters it worked well and the walks were successful. Jezi was first onto the rock, followed closely by Nico .. their ears flapping in the sharp breeze that I was not prepared for. Much more windy there than at home today, Still I was sheltered from the strongest gusts on the lower path.
Tali of course headed straight for the water, as it was so cold part of me wanted to stop her, but common sense prevailed and I let her do what she wanted! The only problem she had was going down off the bridge. I think she couldn't quite see the steps and opted to jump it. Luckily I'd seen her apprehension at the top and got hold of her collar just before she launched herself off!  I posted this photo on Facebook with the heading "Tali .. TAli .... TALI ... Get out of there it's freezing cold!" "Feck off!" Someone suggested that because Tali was standing in freezing cold water and refusing to come out that she could be going a little senile. You have to laugh don't you, they obviously don't realise that I've had almost 13 years of this, Tali always does what Tali wants!
 After the second walk I took the five home and decided to go back to Cwm Dulyn with the youngsters. We had a lovely time, and yes they all went into the water too! I'm always wary of taking Kaiah with Sammi as Kaiah bullies Sammi so much, but I have realised that the bad behaviour is really at it's worst on our regular walk, when we go anywhere slightly different she's more focused on the walk than her stupid games!
On my way home I was picking up Steve's prescription from the Doctors and became aware of how dirty and scruffy I looked so I decided to take my mud covered waterproof trousers off before going in. I got home and told Steve .. "I was embarrassed so took my waterproof trousers off before going into the doctors. " He said "What? You took your trousers off to go into the doctors?" Haha .. Men they never listen!
Kaiah is in the dog house, again, she chewed through 2 collars in 5 days. I've no idea how she gets them off. The first to go was the pretty purple one that she's had since she was a pup, then I gave her Mikey's old collar, I was none to pleased to see that in bits today. Now she has a tatty old thing, and I don't think I'll be putting anything decent on her again until I figure out how she's getting them off. It's happened both times when she's in her crate so for once Ross is not involved.
Ross' show collars came, they are too small. What an idiot. I measured the one he's currently using at 26" and thought right I need the next size up, and what do I go and do? Order two 26" collars. They are lovely, but what a waste of bloody money. I'm telling you my train of thought has definitely left the station without me these days!
The weather is set to break after the week end .. disappointing, but we really shouldn't complain, weather wise it's been a wonderful beginning to 2018.

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Lin said...

Loved all the pics and sounds like you had a good day all round