Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Bloody Crufts

Practicing With Louis before he won SYD in 2005
Last night I had a message followed by a call from handler and dear friend Sarah to see who I was taking to Crufts. My heart sank at the thought. "errr, I'm not sure I'll be going" I said. It's no secret is it, I hate the bloody show! I hate the travelling, the parking the six mile walk laden with bags and pulling dogs to the  halls. I hate the benches, the people,oh don't get me started on the people, I don't mean your average GSD exhibitor, they are the only sanity on the day. I mean all the other twats who push and shove and give no consideration to you or your dogs. I hate the hanging around, the queuing to the toilets, the cost of the food and drink .. and on top of it all you are not allowed to leave when you've finished for the day! You have to stay till the KC says you can leave, and then EVERYONE leaves together. Madness, just madness! Getting out of the car park is hell .. and that's before everyone hits the M6!
The good thing about it is seeing friends, I have some lovely friends from across the UK who are involved with this breed and seeing them is always a treat. Of course we also get to see some fantastic dogs, and it is nice to see the cream of the crop in the ring together. But of course whatever GSD wins the media will find fault with our crippled breed. Five minutes of unfortunate footage can haunt a breed for a life time!
Me and Mr Mikey
Last years judge was someone I had great respect for, I entered, but chickened out of going last minute. If I enter this year I'll have to make more of a commitment to going. Then who do I take? All 5 exhibited last year have qualified, and of course I'm proud, but it would be a rich idiot who tried to take more than 2 of these dogs there at one time! Loki is last years top winner here, but I doubt he would be to the judges taste, I think he lacks the drive for this years judge. Sammi looks great, but now in limit bitch she may be slightly out of her depth. You have to be sensible and know the limitations of what you've got, and sometimes the class is just too big for the dog, (I don't mean numerically) you don't want to constantly be considered as "also ran...!" You have to look at your dog sensibly and consider .. are they good enough for this class at this standard or am I wasting my money and doing the dog an injustice? After all as much as these love the shows they don't understand what it's about, to them it's just a day out.  With Sammi, who is my world, I am aware of her limitations and the limit class as Champ shows is as far as it goes, she won't be making it into open. I will do a few general champ shows with her this year and after that maybe consider just sticking to open shows with her. She's far too precious to me to be considered as ... "also ran!"
Nico winning in 2013
Back to Crufts, I'm dismissing Asha straight away really. She looks great, and I will show her locally but she's had her day in the limelight. That leaves the 2 youngsters. I do think Kaiah would be more to the judges type, harder in overline and better angled than her mother. Hopefully her season will be over and done with and she should be in full bloom by then. Sarah said "As Ross has qualified so young then he has to go!" I understand that, So Ok, if he's sound then Ross can go.
Ross and Kaiah it is then .. If I go!!!!!!!!


Lin said...

Good decision on who you are taking but as you say If you go !!!!!!

ian turner said...

shut up your going lol

carrie said...

Oh those words, If I Go!!! Feels like most things I contemplate doing these days are accompanied by those ~ latest being lunch last Sunday with family at Mulberry Marina,
but admittedly mostly because of weather problems ~ and you guessed it, did not go!!!
And might just as well have gone, have bad cold and cough anyway today!!! BUT Crufts ~ just reading your description exhausted me, and u left out struggling back to car park also carrying petbed and new cages!!! Oh and getting soaked getting to car and a certain pair actually putting on dry trousers IN CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and the sorrow of being benched opposite the b~~~~~~s who left their dog benched on his own the entire day only returning after I'd called the stewards TWICE...... Think I've said enouigh?

Tali said...

Oh Carrie I'd forgotten about the soggy pants and getting changed in the car .. giggling now.
And yes Mr Bill in the red jacket, nasty little man.