Sunday, 25 June 2017

Moving on

I'm trying now to look into my options if things don't work out well for me on Thursday. There are two 3 week old boys in Suffolk and I've been in touch with the owner since they where born. The sire I've mentioned before, he was little Teddy's sire, the dam is generations of the kennel's well known breeding line. Head has to rule heart and I now have to look further into the details of these pups.
Of course it had crossed my mind to think despite everything sod it, let's just get sable no 2 whatever happens. But unless he is entire I know that would be a mistake for me, but more so for him. He would never get the days out and adventures that these get, and he deserves. There would be no shows, no training classes, and as we set off for our days out he would always get left behind with the oldies .. and he deserves more than that! So if someone else can give him more then so be it!
Anyone who has been here on a show morning will know just how much of a big deal it is here. The dogs are manic with excitement, especially the three youngsters, Nico and Asha. Kaiah is already bouncing off the furniture with her mother and all I can do is get them up, let them go to the toilet, feed them and put them in the van to wait. The level of excitement is so great that I fear someone may get hurt ... well mainly I fear I will get hurt as they give no thought to me at all! But what puppy has never had he'll never miss I hear you say .. Maybe? But he would see the excitement, feel the adrenaline .. and it would never be his turn. That's just too sad to think about!
The other consideration of course is that if Sable 2 comes here then not only can I not afford another puppy, but I won't have the space. I know lots of things can go wrong, but the dream is to buy a sable male to mate to Sammi or Kaiah (Depending on health tests) and bring the sable colour into my line. I will be devastated if sable 2 is not the guy for us, heartbroken .. but whenever "The Right Sable" comes along he will have his space in the Blanik Bus to go to the shows ...and no doubt whoever he is, he will have a huge space in our hearts.
No photos of the 3 week old pups yet ... but these photos are of their grandfather "CHAMPION V Idol V Haus Am Lerchenweg SCHH3; ED-NORMAL Kkl 1"

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Lin said...

So agree with you Rhian as I've heard and seen the excitement on show days and yes sable 2 would miss so much. I know it will break your heart but you're doing the right thing not only for you and your line but for the little man, but still time hopefully x