Monday, 19 June 2017

Cwm Dulyn It Is Then

It was just far too hot to walk again today, but after no walks yesterday the troops are getting restless! The walk to Llyn Ffynhonnau isn't too long, but the thought of that climb back up from the lake in this heat was just too much for me. Well there was nothing for it .. 3 trips in the van to Cwm Dulyn for a swim, a paddle or to just lie in the lake with your ball! 
I was initially wary with Tali and kept her on the lead till we got to the lake. (A 5 minute walk) But she was great, she had a paddle and a swim and loved her trip out. Considering it's less than 3 weeks since her attack of Vestibular syndrome she is doing so bloody well. Yes her world me be on a slight tilt now, but she's great. Honestly she just doesn't care and if she topples over she just gets up and keeps on going. 
 Tali swimming, Asha and Ziva
Ziva cooling her belly
 Thank God Tali doesn't know what's behind her 
 Sammi, Kaiah and Loki
Sammi stalking Kaiah who'a already by the lake
"Cwm Dulyn" is translated to valley of the black lake - easy to see why!. 

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Lin said...

Wonderful pics and as for Tali she's just amazing