Friday, 9 June 2017

Our Day Yesterday

Mr Loki with Sarah 
The scenic run down to Malvern is always better on a nice day, and yesterday morning was probably one of the worsted we've had to drive in for ages. The rain bouncing off the van, the van leaking and huge puddles that spread into lakes across the roads. But as we got to mid Wales it did improve, a little anyway! We followed the Sat nav on a familiar route for three quarters of the journey, but then it said in "turn right," eeerr shit never been that way before, but we went right and came to the ground in the same time but from the opposite direction! On the way home the Sat Nav tried every which way to get us to go through "Welshpool," having been that way before we ignored it and continued to Newtown, which was the way we came and the route we usually follow. When we got to Newtown we realised why it had tried to change the route, the traffic was awful an added 30 mins to our journey home! Note to self .. listen to technology!
It was dry when we got to the show and though most breeds where already indoors our judge started judging the breed outside. With a huge tree in full leaf for shelter we were ok, but the rain started and increased the further on the judging went. Loki did amazingly well. I was so chuffed with him. His first time in with the big boys and he more than held his own, even if I say so myself he was on his toes and looked amazing. I was just a little deflated to get home to find my enthusiasm was not shared .. "he should have won!" Shit he's two and a half and was second in limit .. that's a big deal!
Kaiah - before the class was placed.
The first bitch is not in the photo
I was told in the morning that Kaiah would never win puppy as a certain handler was handling a certain puppy in the class. Well to be honest I can't complain, there was 7 in the ring and Kaiah was second. Kaiah was a little naughty for Sarah really and Sarah came out apologising for being hard on her. She said "she didn't take being told off, took no notice of me and she's going to spoil herself if she get's away with it now!" No apology needed, if your handling, your in charge and problems need dealing with as they arise or it's too late and the problems escalate. Of course I only expect discipline and not bulling, you slap my dog, I smash your face in!  (Sarah never would) I have said numerous times that Kaiah doesn't take anything seriously, she has great strength of character and you tend to feel she's laughing at you when you reprimand her. Anyway getting back to the show, the bitch that beat her is 11 months, Kaiah is 7 and a half months, now that's a lot of growing up time and I think Kaiah has the potential to be better! (Just my opinion of course!)
Sammi looked amazing in limit bitch, she moved like a dream. Sarah was disappointed at her position, but Sammi gave a great performance so I'm happy. Yeah she did very well and maybe one day she too will win "limit" and get her stud book number!
The Angel after Judging
Sadly bad sportsmanship showed it's ugly head again yesterday. and a top handler made himself very very unpopular again.. He was handling a lovely bitch and pulled out first. But the Judge moved the second placed bitch up to the first position ,and asked them to stand the bitches again. The well know handler stood his bitch right in front of the now first placed bitch totally blocking the judges view of her. The first handler moved her bitch up, only for the professional handler to move his again and place her in front of the first bitch. I swear he did it 5 times and by then they had moved the whole length of the ring. As he went to do it a final time the judge told him, no stay where you are and there was an almighty cheer from the ringside who were disgusted at his actions. I think he blew any chance they had of winning that class and the consideration of a RCC .. shame, nice bitch who in my eye could well have been the RCC winner.
But it was not the only act of bad sportsmanship in the GSD ring yesterday ... The other thing I felt was unfair was a handler letting his bitch go right up another bitches arse as they gaited round. He had realised the bitch in front was reactive and just kept doing it. The handler asked him to keep back and he gave her an almost dumb smile. He fecking knew what he was doing, no need!
Talking of reactive, a bitch lunged out at Kaiah and Loki as I walked past, because Loki did not react neither did Kaiah. But a similar scenario with Sammi did not go as smoothly. Sammi doesn't tend to start trouble, but she won't back down from a challenge and will hold a life long grudge! That's one bitch to avoid in the future.


carrie said...

Sounds an amazing day with such a lot going on, and that was only the journey. But as ever, all Blaniks, canines and hoomans took it all in their stride.Hate bad sportsmanship, and the real losers are the people doing it! Congrats on excellent results again in such first class competition.

Lin said...

Well done Sammi Loki and Kaiah what a brilliant day you all had, shame about the bad sportsmanship but sounds like he got his comeuppance