Friday, 16 June 2017

Thinking About Names

My Lovely Gran with my Rottie - Sultan 
If a puppy isn't coming in 2 weeks, then one will be in 6 weeks or 6 months and I've been looking at baby boy names for a while. It gets so bloody hard. I want a name that suites the breed and one that will suite an adult dog, not just the cuddly puppy. I hate names like Max, Saxon and Rex, to name but a few. I want a name that's reasonably original, well not one that is commonly used in pet dogs, or one that I associate with a particular dog/cat anyway. I've only done that once with Riley after a stunning cat that I had called "Mr Riley" at Freshfields, I can't see me doing it again.
I guess I could never use the same name for 2 dogs in my life time, but lots do. My Grandmother called both her Rough collie and her Sheltie years later "Sandy,"  and a L/C I sold from my first litter was to be Jet number 5! I've had a Mikey would I use Mickey?  Finlay would I use Flynn or Blade - Blaze etc? Maybe I would as I have used Nikki and Nico - Louis and Loki, which are similar but of course a few years apart.
I'd love a name that has something to do with George, but not
George itself. There's only room for one George in my heart. After saying that, the "G" litter all had registered names that began with George. Asha is Blanik Georgette and Mikey was Blanik Georgious - George's real name. I've also used Blanik Hippy for Ziva, Hippy was one of George's dog. I just can't think of a name that would be suitable that I associate with George. Maybe something will come to me!
I also need to think about the sound of the name as well as it's meaning. I like Remi, but calling it could it get confused by the canine ear with Sammi? The same with Zito and Ziva, especially as I shorten Ziva to Zee, and that would be my problem with "Lewis" it may get shortened to "Lou" and that would definitely not work!  I don't mind shortening some names, but object to others, shortening Sammi of course is punishable be death! The meaning of names is quite important. "Raff" another name that appeals to me means Red Wolf - now that's nice and unusual unless you watch Holby city!
My other issue is how other will pronounce the name, I never expected the hassle that I get with Loki, even last night I found myself correcting someone, politely of course. Though what I want to say is, "it not fecking Lockey .. it's Loki, Norse god of trickery and mischief, and have you not watched the bloody films?" But I don't!
Kiri McTavish and Louis (Lou)
The registered name could also affect my final choice of name. I would never have thought of the name Kiri, but when we picked her up and heard the name we both loved it and it stayed. Of course Steve must also like the name, and I have a list of names that we have been through but agree on very few. He likes Troy, I hate it, I like Reese, he doesn't .. etc. But I guess we both like Tyler, Zito and Jaxen, Tyler could not be shortened, Tye/Ty is another of my pet hate names, Zito as I said is a little close to Ziva and that leaves Jaxen .. shortened to Jax is quite nice too. No decisions have been made and I still spend time googling names of boys, of Norse Gods and "unusual dog names." I have time, something else may well stand out before the puppy arrives, or we may have to wait to see him to decide!


carrie said...

Ianto, Jorgio, Apollo, Condor, Tapzi, Arko, Engo, Winter, what about his sire's relations?

Lin said...

So many really good names and I know you'll pick a really good one that suits him x