Sunday, 11 June 2017

Kaiah's Eyes

I'm not quite sure what's going on but Kaiah has sore eyes, well one at least. I noticed first thing that her left eye looked sore, the white is bright red and there's some swelling under and around the eye. Now I'm not too sure if I'm being paranoid but I'm not too sure if the right eye is a little sore too. I didn't notice there was anything amiss yesterday and she was full of fun and mischief. I'll wash her eye with some bicarb and water today and try and get a vet's appointment in the morning. I do hate it when the animals are not right ... especially on a Sunday!


carrie said...

Oh poor Kaiah.Mayb something in the fields or water she allergic to. Pollen v high at moment too! My eye drops have witch hazel in them but no idea if this suitable.The vet is defo best idea, u can ring Yffor there is always an emergency vet on phone who will give advice?

Lin said...

Awwwww at least you have stuff for her eyes which hopefully will help her x