Saturday, 3 June 2017

Change of Pills

Tali's steroids are being reduced today from 50mg to 25mg for 6 days, then they will be reduced further. I suppose she will be staying on vivitonin now, there has been no adverse affects on her stomach so far so I hope they can only be beneficial to her and maybe combining them with a low dose of steroids will give an even better quality of life.
Poor Tali does get in a tis as the vivitonin has to be given at least 30 mins before food. So first thing in the morning she gets a pill .. goes out for a wee and comes in expecting breakfast to be in her crate .. as it has been for 12 and a half years .. but it's not there and she's not impressed. When it arrives 30 mins later she just looks at it as if to say .. "well I don't want it now," but I walk away and then she eats it! I don't like watching her eat anyway as her head is tilted and she eats with one side of her mouth, it just looks so odd!
I took her out through the gate yesterday, she got to the caravan, had a wee and came back. I'll try again today, but the ball is in her court and I'll go by what she wants to do!


Lin said...

It made my day today as I came into yours and Tali came to me completely straight the improvement in her is tremendous x

carrie said...

So glad Tali continues to improve.She is one tough, gorgeous lady.Cxx