Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Me And Mini Me

Sammi and Kaiah have such a remarkably strong bond. On the walks they are always together. I've always said that Kaiah was obsessed with Loki, but if her mum is there then she's not interested in him at all. He doesn't seem bothered about being the "Billy No Mates" on the walks these days, to be honest he's got to the age when he just likes doing what boys do now anyway! It's different at home, all the girls adore Loki and he and Kaiah play for hours together. 

Sammi and Kaiah are also so alike, not since Seffe and her daughters has a bitch ever stamped her mark so heavily on her daughter her. All three of Seffe's daughters looked like her, particularly Storm and Kirre. Above are photos of Sammi and Kaiah, could you confidently tell me which is which here? Obviously I know, but Kaiah doesn't half look like a young Sammi! 

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Lin said...

Beautiful pics of the beautiful girls and yes so alike x