Saturday, 17 June 2017

Stud Enquiry

"I have a female German Shepherd that I would like to breed. Sorry about the specific pics, its just that I want the right stud for her. Can you take some pics at his eye level from all sides of him including some full front pics of him and some full close back rear pics of him standing? How big is the bottom of his feet? His paw pads Or a pic will do? Please only him in the pics. Thanks! Also need a pic showing me that he isnt fixed. I am just trying to becareful is all for I have been tricked before. Please understand.? All pics of him standing please and not to close up. Even for the pics showing me that he isnt fixed from the back rear of him standing at his eye level by lifting his tail all the way straight up and taking the pics not so close up but a little further back. Please no sitting or laying down or laying on his back. This goes for the pics show me the he is not fixed."
Well you just have to laugh don't you, it's a good job it's not the first of April. Nico declined to have photos taken of his bits .. and I decided to not answer this idiot! Seriously it's either a joke or a pervert isn't it!

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Lin said...

Not heard anything like that before !!!!! rather strange