Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Still No News

Remember these? Those on Facebook have been watching their weekly growth photos and they are now 4 weeks old. The whole litter is just stunning, not a "plain" puppy in sight. The owner and breeder of the dam have first and second pick from the litter so all I can do is wait and hope one of the sable boys will be available. It does look like the owner will be keeping a sable boy, and though I'm trying not to get my hopes up it's bloody hard not too!
Called Sable No 1 and Sable No 2 for identification, they are both stunning and I would be over the moon with either, but I must confess that from the beginning I've been drawn to sable No 2. He really does it for me. Anyway to save myself further heartache I'm trying to keep a distance, but it's bloody hard! I won't be writing about them again until I know one way or another ...Cross everything that one of these boys becomes available for me please.


carrie said...

Oh yes, what a sweetie, and will keeep positive for u!! It is b hard to b patient when anticipating the arrival of a longer for pup, and we are all with u. x

Lin said...

Both boys are stunning and I've everything crossed you get the boy you want x