Friday, 20 April 2018

Finally Figured It Out!

From the walk I did on the other side  of the valley on Sunday I could see Fron clearly, so clear that on full zoom the camera could actually pick out the cottage. But from home I had no idea where I'd been. When I went back on Monday I tried to take photos of landmarks around me, but again at home with the binoculars and the camera I had no ideas. 
I was sure I would see these derelict buildings from home but failed miserably. 
On Wednesday I tried out another walk .. from there I could clearly see the walk I'd done on the previous days, walking past the derelict quarry building in the above photo. I thought when I got home that this would help me. Wrong!
Today as I walked the dogs I looked down into the valley and realised I could see a housing estate called Bro Silyn. (Marked by the arrow) On the Monday I had driven past this estate and parked behind it before climbing up towards the quarry. So out came the camera again .. Bingo .. On full Zoom I got it!
The next photo is taken from the same spot in our bottom field as above but with the camera on full zoom. I've marked the walk with a narrow white line. The derelict buildings can be seen clearly, and the house I saw on the top of the brow is also just within shot at the top of the photo. I could have done a full circle but opted not to as it would have meant walking along Lon Ddwr (A single track road), I preferred to go back the same way and give the dogs their freedom.
I'm happy now 
If your interested click on the photos to enlarge 


Anonymous said...

Wow ~ cannot believe you are up there in the wilds.How ever do you find the way back? Hope there is a phone signal along the track. BUT looks really wonderful.

Lin said...

Great pics and now I can see where you were x