Sunday, 8 April 2018

I Wasn't Expecting That

Ross- oozing Naughtiness 
Yesterday .. I guess a day that dreams are made of? The entry was low, as it always is with just 41 dogs entered. It seems so many people think North Wales is the end of the earth but think nothing when we travel to shows 3 to 4 hours to support their shows. Ross who was full of fun and naughtiness was first of 3 puppy dogs. He looked super stood and when he settled he moved beautifully for Ian, all three of the boys messed about at times, but at the end of the class when he needed to show off he did me proud. I took Ross into novice myself. Again he went well and another red rosette to add to his collection.
Loki stood alone in his limit class and then went into the challenge for best male. Concentrating hard on Loki who was with Ian I took no notice of Ross who had gone in with Debbie. After all my best chance of getting best male was with the adult male? Wrong! After gating the class round a couple of times, and much to the confusion of all the handlers, the judge dismissed the three adults from the ring keeping Marco from junior and Ross from puppy to challenge for best male. I was shocked to see Ross win, absolutely shocked. Whether we think a 10 month old should be considered when challenging against adults for Best Male is a bone on contention ... but in this case .. well done Ross!!!!! lol  Seriously, I always think an adult should go best of sex, and in my opinion there were 2 quality adults there that could have been considered, Loki and Enzo. Enzo is still young but at almost 2 years is a better picture of the finished article than a 10 month old. Anyway judges opinion on the day and I have won BOB's with pups before, Louis and Sammi both did it .. but maybe not at this level.
Kaiah in the ring
Kaiah was the first of the girls in. I handled her myself and she gave a wonderful performance. She was happy and floated around the ring with attitude and style. I was so proud of her. Sammi who had screamed the place down whilst waiting her turn to go in also gave an energetic performance and won her class. As Asha won veteran I was starting to wonder how the hell we would manage the challenge without it being a car crash. I asked to withdraw Asha until the Best Veteran challenge, the judge agreed and I asked Jackie to take Kaiah in and Ang stayed with Sammi. The judged shortlisted keeping Bella, (Loki's sister) Sammi and Kaiah in he moved Kaiah to the front and continued moving them round. Sammi was moving well, but Kaiah was over doing things a little and he stopped the class and asked if I could move Kaiah myself. Of course the moment Sammi saw me she kicked off, I explained to the judge that that was the reason why I had stayed away. I knew his preference was for Kaiah and I made a quick decision to sacrifice Sammi for Kaiah and withdraw her.
Sammi B.
Was it the right decision? hell I don't know ..  but we do these things with little time to think about it don't we. Sammi is my best friend but Kaiah, as regards to a show dog is the better bitch! Kaiah went on to be Best Bitch and beat Ross in another hilarious run off for Best In show. Asha was Best Veteran and her sister Maya was Best long coat in show.
Had I taken less dogs it may have all been less chaotic, but I need to support this club and this shows as this is our North Wales GSD club .. anyway with the help of friends we got there in the end!


Lin said...

A wonderful day and again well done so enjoyed it and all your wins were so well deserved ,Maya and Bella also doing so well x

ian turner said...

really really really happy for you and the Blaniks it was a fantastic day and im even more happy because of the young ones taking the lime light of the older ones haha fantastic a day you will never forget