Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Lumps And Bumps

The lump on Kaiah's hock is still there. It isn't any larger or smaller and still feels soft and fluidy (no such word?) She's bouncing around the place like an idiot and it's not restricting her at all. We've poked and prodded it and it's not painful at all. So what is it? Hopefully jumping about as she does she's probably just landed on it and knocked it and this has come up like a protective fluid cushion. From what I've read if this is the case it may never go away. I can cope with that, just as long as it's nothing more serious. Of course I worry, having lost Mikey within 4 months of his lump first appearing I can't help but worry, but being logical this has a very different texture/feel to it than Mikey's lump which was solid and attached to him. I won't post a picture of Mikey with his lump .. I try and remember him without it!
Krizzie also had a lump, it was half way down her rear pastern. It first appeared when she was about six months old and grew to the size of a golf ball. The vet refused to remove it, said it was cosmetic .. but it was pretty ugly really. A different vet removed it for me when she was spayed as an older bitch .. sadly she didn't live long after that. Krizzie was the 4th of our family to die in the devastating year of 2007, the year when our lives were completely ripped to apart.

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Lin said...

Hope Kaiahs lump is nothing serious but I know it's a worry for you. I'd forgotten about Kizzies lump but hadn't forgotten that awful year xx