Monday, 16 April 2018

She's Back

Those of you following on Facebook will know about the sheep. She's been here for weeks, only in the top field so she's not really a problem. She gets in by climbing on the wall which is lower on the outside and then jumping over the fence which runs inside the wall, the only problem is she can't get out on her own again. Steve has thrown her out dozens of times, but in less than 24 hrs she's back!
On Friday I saw the farmer in town and I told him about her. I stressed she was no real problem and not in danger from the dogs but he said he would be round to collect her over the weekend. Sure thing by 8am on Saturday she was gone. I did ponder about what he'd done with her .. but now I've worked it out. He must have put her in his 4 x 4 and taken her a distance away and dropped her off. Well not far enough obviously as this morning Miss Sheep is back!

1 comment:

Lin said...

That's hilarious and looks like she aint going anywhere x