Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Videos From Saturday

Little Ross placed 3rd out of 4 .. 
but nice to see he did nothing wrong and went well.
All the male class winners challenging for the CC in class order.
The Veteran, The Open Dog, The Limit Dog (Loki with Ann in green) down to the Minor puppy on the end. Thanks to everyone for their wonderful comments about him on the day .. I've never had so much praise for him. Thanks Ian for this video .. I got to see that as ever he stood full of attitude and confidence and moved fantastically well. I now understand why so many people thought it should have been his day! 
Proud of the boy 


Lin said...

Loved watching the videos and Ross did so well as for Loki he was as wonderful as ever and agree it should have been his day xx

ian turner said...

i really thought he was going to do it again there he looked and moved fantastic

carrie said...

See what you mean Loki stood out, and his behaviour and stance were exemplary