Thursday, 19 April 2018

The Stress Of It All

Haggis (yes Haggis) the Butt Terrier, Ross and a new Blanik team member
at club tonight! 
Last night I went to print my passes for WPBW. I have two accounts with them with two different usernames and passwords. One is in my name only and has all my home-bred "Blanik" GSD's registered on it. The other is with Co-Owner of Silkenwood Poldark of Blanik - Mrs H Bibby and he is the only one registered on that account. Anyway I downloaded my passes and saw that Blanik Jeevana and Lokean Of Blanik seem to be entered in both names, they shouldn't be and never have been! I've checked my dogs listed on the site and everything is correct but I take it now they will be incorrectly entered in the catalouge as well. I have checked WELKS and other shows entered, the dogs are correctly listed on those passes. This morning I contacted Fossdata and they said that this is how the dogs were entered online. But how is that possible with 2 different accounts, 2 different user names and 2 different passwords? I'm really confused and they can't explain it either. I always log out of one account and then log into the other to enter the dogs, the accounts are never open together. Fossdata don't know how it's could have happened and I now have to see the secretary first thing on Saturday morning.
I then decided to contact the show via their social media page, they answered within minutes and told me .. "As advised by fossdata come to see us at the secretary's office first thing so we can write the amendments and pass this to the ring steward and fossdata to correct. The details will also get passed to the kennel club who will make the discussions on any awards you may achieve. Hope this helps" Yes it did help, but the line " make the discussions on any awards you may achieve," worried me as I know the K.C disqualifies dogs who are incorrectly entered at shows. A friend then suggested I contact the K.C for advice, they again were helpful and told me to hang onto all correspondence and make screenshots of all the info online which I did.
My post on Facebook drew some attention with no one able to explain how it happened, after all two separate accounts, 2 user names and 2 passwords. It seemed impossible that the owners of one dog could be listed as the owners of dogs that were nothing to do with them. One person suggested that the website must have been still in the memory cache for the web address of one account when i logged into the other, the software fault, it must have transferred my "remembered" name from the previous entry. This would be possible if I entered Ross and then did the entry for the other dogs on my Blanik account. Reading this I decided to check the conformation e.mail to see who I'd entered first, Loki and Kaiah's entries went through 5 mins before Ross' entry, so again that was not the solution. But and it's a HUGE but I then read my conformation e.mail and saw that was correct, the dogs were in my name only. I was straight back in touch with Fossdata sending them a copy of the e.mail and this was the reply .. "Oh! I am just as baffled as you are on this one. I am sorry but I have no explanation for this one, very odd. If you just take this to the society on the day, they will make sure it is correct in the results for you. Once again, very sorry regarding this, it had not happened before." Thank god I never delete my e.mails I now have proof that I had entered the show correctly and that somehow their software/website had muddled things up.
I still need to report in early tomorrow but now I know that any wins we may achieve will be ours to keep .. bet you we get feck all now


carrie said...

It sounds horrendous ~ what a performance, and not really fair that you are the one left having to make explanations!! Has the other lady any entries tomorrow ~ might b you are listed as co~owner of hers !!! only joking. Would leave future entries a day apart, did you pay separately, or have they taken fees together? Anyway, have a fabulous day and come back with the wins. I have now got cameritis, and the weather is co~operating too. Thanks does not cover the fun I#m having with my new toy. x

Tali said...

The other lady is Ross' breeder/co owner and has no other dogs entered. Payments were made separately as they are separate accounts so theoretically it should never have happened.
Enjoy the camera

Lin said...

Thank goodness it all got sorted ,but should have never happened you can now enjoy tour wins xx