Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Itchy Bitchy

Following the show on Saturday I had noticed that some of the dogs where a little itchy. Not horrendously so but most who had been where scratching. Yesterday afternoon Asha's level of scratching increased tenfold and even in her sleep her leg was twitching. I must say I had not connected it to the show and was more in the mind that there had been some Spring parasite in the lake on Sunday.
Last night at ring craft I was talking to a friend who said since the show on Saturday that her bitch had been that itchy that she was besides herself. OMG .. almost exactly the words I'd used with Steve, I had felt Asha was that itchy that she was distressed. Still not connecting it to the show, yesterday afternoon I'd given her a steroid. My friend said that she had come to the conclusion that as there was building work going on in the hall that the dust had got into the dogs coat and was causing the itching. She had bathed hers yesterday. Even after 2 further steroids I feel Asha is no better so I think my friend is probably right, we will have to bath Asha today as the concrete dust is probably embedded in her thick coat.
About 10 days ago I had also started Asha on a product called "Get Over." "A herbal blend which can really benefit those dogs feeling their age and showing signs of stiffness now the weather is cold and wet. This is a brilliantly effective product." With her increasing years I thought maybe it would help .. I think for now I may stop that too.
Ross is now loosing his coat .. great three champ shows entered and he's really chucking it! I hadsome Keepers Mix here, a supplement from Dorwest that I've used with some success in the past. But it's in powder form and I knew this fussy ass would not eat it. I contacted Dorwest to see if they had it in capsule form .. nope! She told me to try it in yogurt for him .. of course Ross still says NO! Anyway I've ordered something else which is a oil from Dorwest, it seemed to have good reviews so I'll give it a go ...


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Lin said...

I know by now that Asha was a lot less itchy after her bath :) x