Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Walking Before A Vet Check

Note to self .. don't walk the dogs and go directly to the vets. #sorryforsoggyblaniksatvets. Loki had his personal problem checked .. all sorted so he's a happy chappy. The lump on Kaiah's leg is full of a bloody fluid so as suspected she's had a knock or possibly "someone" who constantly grabs her by the hocks has hurt her. Logically it was obviously something and nothing but having lost Mikey 4 months after finding a lump fear takes over from logic and for peace of mind I had to have it checked! Got the three weighed as we were there. Loki - 40.7kg, Ross 36.4kg. Kaiah 28.6kg. Happy with that.

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Lin said...

Glad all went well at the vets and sigh of relief for Kaiah x