Saturday, 14 April 2018

Handlers, Friends And Shows

Well I'm home, I've got three entered at the show but opted to stick to the decision and stay home for the day. It wasn't an important show, it was only a limit show in a small venue, but a judge I'd have liked the opinion of and with three dogs entered a bit of wasted money, but there you go!
There's no doubt that last weekend could not have been repeated and as I said then that could not have been possible without the support of friends. It just all got a bit chaotic with them all winning their classes. When my dogs misbehave for a handler or a friend I'm quite happy for that person to take charge of the situation. I want them to say .."Oi you, you're over stepping the mark!" Ross sure did try his luck with Ian, and Ian was too nice to tell him off. Ross is the kind of guy who will happily have it all his own way unless you are firm and show him the right way of behaving. The video above shows how easily and quickly Ross takes advantage and has been invaluable for Ian and myself for future shows .. and it did make me giggle, sorry Ian.
I've had lots of handlers over the years, but I guess Sarah has handled more of my dogs than anyone else. They all know their place with Sarah .. she's firm but very fair and very kind to them. Most of them like her very much but of course as is always the case the do not like being taken away from me and 6 out of the 8 of them will let you know that in no uncertain terms. Sarah copes with it and always manages to convince them that it's OK, and unless I make a mistake as I did in Builth last August she always gets the best out of them.
Simply don't get a GSD if you want a quite dog, and if your helping me don't expect my dogs to sit like an ornament by your side. They want to be with me not you. But more than anything don't you EVER raise a hand to any of my dogs again, and don't you dare suggest anyone else does it in my absence or that they "Give it a fucking hard check." I'm fuming with you, livid, fecking annoyed. I don't slap or smack my dogs, it's an unnecessary action that only causes confusion  and if that is the way you "train" your own then maybe you should consider your abilities as a dog person and a GSD owner.


Lin said...

Well said Rhian I've been on the end of the lead many times and yes they take the piss out of me even when I've said oi behave I get laughed at but do I care do I hell. I'll never forget the time I had to drag Mikey out kicking and screaming to be with you, bless him ,happy days x

ian turner said...

i have handled many of your dogs and yes they are noisey after all they are dogs.they are just looking out for you ,i have never had the felling that i would need to slap your dogs ,and i never would that would be the wrong way to control them