Sunday, 18 June 2017

This Could Even Make Me Pray ...

... I who Never Ever Ever Prays
Well maybe not, religion hasn't found me yet, and has never given me comfort. I believe in compassion and kindness and this doesn't always go hand in hand with religion, though it should! Anyway it's just a line from a Marc Almond track called "I who Never!"
So just as you think there's a chance of the dream coming true somehow the knife gets stuck in again.
Decisions have been made regarding the pups - The breeder is keeping sable no 1, because he was the first born and she has no interest in showing. The breeder of the dam is having both bitches. So sable no 2, my dream puppy is available for me, but and it's a HUGE "But" sable 2 currently has no teticles. The other 2 have them but theirs are still high up, but the huge difference is they are already there to drop.
This morning I'm feeling quite deflated really, now I know I can have him, but without balls I don't want him! 😞 There simply is no point taking the chance. I've done so much reading about testicles recently I'm becoming a bloody ball expert. Haha I can't deny it I've fallen hook line and sinker for this pup, he is what I want. But without his bits he simply can not give Blanik the future I was hoping for, and I have to be sensible about it. Head must rule heart! The breeder will give him a bit of time, well if they are not there in 2 weeks there is pet home waiting for him, and they are probably praying his testicles don't come down!
A mutual friend went to see the litter yesterday and she messaged me to say he's awesome and that the photos don't do him justice. She feels that it would be a travesty for him to go to a pet home, but equally she couldn't feel anything there at all!
Trying to keep myself from getting involved has been impossible. I hear friends who try to protect me and say, "don't get your hopes up," but those who know me well will understand that I'm already emotionally attached. I think about him so often during the day, I make plans and have dreams. I can't help that, it's who I am, who I've always been.
So the next visit is Thursday, the owner of the sire is going to see them then too. Even if like me you don't pray .. then will those bits to be there for me by then .. because honestly I can't take much more of this, the waiting is bloody killing me!
Hopefully I will have a new photo to add to this post later .. for now this is the little heart breaker  a couple of weeks ago at 4 weeks.

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Lin said...

Like you I don't pray but I'm willing him to be yours with all my heart x