Monday, 12 June 2017

Medical Matters

The Vets visit went well for Tali, though she wanted to leave as soon as she'd arrived! They seem pleased with her progress and have given her a months supply of preds (steroids), she may need to stay on these as well as the vivitonin for life. I'm quite happy with that as she's very sprightly on them. I think the combination of both are giving her quite a feel good factor, and that's all I ask! The vivitonin and preds together will probably cost us £40 a month, ah well that's life. Tali has been a health girl all her life I would never deny her something that will give her quality of life now in her latter years. The way it's looking now she'll soon be swimming at that lake again!
I didn't take Kaiah to see the vet. By yesterday evening the swelling had gone down around her eye and the redness had reduced, by this morning there was nothing to see. I am a great believer in biacab and water for eye bathing, and though I was told about it by a vet we too have used when we've had mild problems with our eyes. There's no doubt the "isathal" cream which I had in also helped and I will continue to use both for a few more days just incase! Saying that Kaiah did get to go into the consulting room to be weighed so had yet another pleasant trip to the vets where she sat on the scales for treats and then got cuddles, kisses and more treats with Auntie Sharon! Hopefully if the time comes that she actually needs to see a vet, she'll be so comfortable going in that room that the actual examination/consultation will go over her head!  

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Lin said...

There's no stopping Tali she really is a super girl. Glad Kaiahs eye is a lot better without having to see the vet x