Monday, 12 June 2017

8 Months Today

Beautiful baby Kaiah is 8 months old tomorrow and as we were going to the vets today anyway she's had her weights and measures done today. In the month she hasn't put any weight on, but I think she still looks great. She's 26.2 kg (26kg a month ago) but she has grown 2cm, I now make her 60cms. Of course this is just a guide, I could never profess to being accurate. I made Asha 61.5cms, but of course for her survey Asha measured a spot on 59.5cm. At 8 months Sammi was already a much larger bitch and was 29.5kg and by my measurement 61.5cm at the wither. I guess Sammi stopped growing at about this age, though I have to admit Sammi does now look a tad taller than Asha. Looking back I was surprised to see how out of coat Sammi was at 8 months, and though I do think Kaiah generally has the better conformation .. Sammi definitely had the better wither height at 8 months. 
 Sammi At 8 Months

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Lin said...

Kaiah's looking really good and love the pics of her and Sammi at the same age both so beautiful x