Saturday, 1 February 2020

Sweet Potato?

Last night I was reading about the health benefits of adding vegetables to your dogs diet. It's always a little controversial for me as I was taught and always believed that adding to a "Complete meal diet" knocked the balance out, but without doubt there are benefits to adding some foods and supplements. Anyway an interesting quote from an article kind of helped easy my mind ..."Supplements are safe when kept within 10 percent of the daily diet. If he doesn't eat his entire day's food because he likes the supplements better, his diet becomes unbalanced." Well there is no way these will leave their meals, mostly they eat everything in the bowl.
I use to add cod liver oil to the food, but I've stopped, instead I buy 9 tins of sardines a week and 3 nights a week they get 3 tins between them. Not a lot I know but the cashier in Aldi must already thinks I'm nuts buying 9. I did start on the ones in oil about 6 months ago, but soon found some soft poos and changed to tomato sauce, thinking there was plenty of oil in the fish itself without the added sunflower oil, anyway everyone loves it.
I often cook extra potatoes for Asha's supper and 6 of the 8 have a carrot at bed time, but Loki and Nico are proper carnivores and will not eat any kind of veg. The others love broccoli too. I've recently started eating spinach .. lots of raw spinach, honestly I'm trying to have some at least once, but usually twice a day. It was recommended to me that I try it for my skin, a huge blast of it for a month and then gradually cut it back to a few times a week. I love it raw, not so keen on it cooked! Anyway, I'm thinking I may start chucking the odd bit in the dogs dinners, if it's considered so good for skin .. well why not skin and coat!
Last year we bought Sweet potato treats for the dogs at shows .. they seem to love the health sweet snack and last night I decided to have a go at making them. Bingo even Nico and Loki ate some. I'm not sure they were 100% convinced and Ross took his time too, but he did eat it,  as ever the girls loved them. So easy, cheap and health ... I'll be making more!
Here is an interesting link ...
Top 10 vegetables for dogs

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Lin said...

that was interesting and Lexi also loved those sweet potato treats must have a o at those