Sunday, 9 February 2020

Bye Ciara

The storm has now cleared. I have to admit it was pretty shit out there but we have had much worse. Ok, it would have been pretty stupid to go out, but from what I can see everything is where it should be. We were glad of the fields and everyone got to stretch their legs at least. 


Lin said...

Lovely pics and glad it wasn't as bad as they said though bad enough

carrie said...

Ciara might have gone but so has one of my small trees. might try to replant it or mayb not. And, it is now 5am and Tasha can still hear the wind and will not settle. Had me up at 1am, and again now so I've made tea and had a look at twitter!!! Was pretty hairy out there yest. but still blowing now. Going back to bed again shortly. Do all your mogs go out in it?