Monday, 3 February 2020

Ross Was On Fine Form

A lovely change and a walk for the terrible twosome along the river from Talysarn to Penygroes
With the river being close to the path I don't take the kong here, I just have this image of it floating off down river with Ross in hot pursuit
But if there's no kong he has to find an alternative!
That's half a tree mate .. the noises he makes as he gets so frustrated with it remind me so much of Blade in a similar dilema. 
I swear I didn't put them like that, I just thought it would look good with them behind the branches, their way was clearly better 
A narrow path and a big stick - it's just not going to work
Kaiah and I ran over the bridge for fear of him and his prized possession 
On the lead as we get near the road ... He's not bringing it home!!!!

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Lin said...

Love all these pics and Ross you make me smile x