Thursday, 13 February 2020


My parents still live in my childhood home in the the village of Tremadog. Though I have great memories of my childhood as well as the disruptive days of the teenage years, my fondest memories are from the village of Penmorfa where I spend weekends and holidays with my grandmother. My grandfather died when I was 11, but I was blessed to have my other grandparents well into my adulthood. My "Nain Penmorfa" - my mum's mum was a lot like me I guess. Much to my Mum's horror we were/are both a little rebellious, a little mischievous and a little naughty. Without doubt my love for animals came from my Nain and I guess I was destine to spend my free time with her in her large garden with the dog and cat. I just loved it there and as I child my dream was live in that property or a similar one.
So this morning on my way to Aldi I stopped at the top of Penmorfa and walked down one of the tracks I use to walk with my Nain and Sandy. I considered going down to the playing field .. but time was against me so I initially stuck to the path then wondered off into the woodland at the base of "Allt Wen!"  I have such wonderful memories of that village, the footpaths .. the surrounding countryside ... and of course my Nain pictured here with Sultan in 1996.
Is it my imagination or has Ross' head broadened all of a sudden? I guess he's approaching 3 now so I guess maturity is kicking in ... 


ian turner said...

I was looking yesterday at the picture you put on of Ross and loki and i was thinking to myself that Ross has really matured nicely and i definitely think he's got a better head than Loki and that's saying a lot coming from me you know how much i love Loki LOL

Lin said...

I know where you walked now and it looks lovely , wonderful pics as ever