Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Now Perry Is Ill - Updated

Shit what else do they want to throw at me? I'm still struggling myself and now I have Steve ill, Perry ill and of course the other things that are not going smoothly here and giving me heartache . One thing is for sure I doubt I could have ever been a nurse .. Vet Nurse? Well yeah maybe ..lol
Tomorrow I have a Caernarfon C.S meeting, unless Steve makes it out of bed I really can't see I will be going. Mind you I don't really care ... Thursday is dog club ... I'm on the rota for taking the money, making tea and cleaning. I guess there's 48 hrs till then so hopefully things will be better.
Perry has not been sick and to my knowledge has not had diarrhea. He is just asleep in his bed and obviously looks very sorry for himself. I'll see what tomorrow brings ... for all of us!

5/2/20 - We've literally had to dragged him out of the tunnel last night for a proper look. There seems to be an issue with his front paw. He's a big hunter and I'm wondering if been bitten by his large pray .. remember that rat? Yeuk! Anyway maybe he has an infection in his toe? I washed his paw in hibiscrub last night, which was no fun. This morning he has got up but he's limping, he ate a little but he's now back in bed ... vets at 11.10am

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Lin said...

I now know what happened to Perry hope he's soon better and also hope Steve soon feels a lot better ,you're not having a good time of it lately Rhian and just hope all with be finally ok for you x