Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Perry And Snowdrops In Bont Fechan

We are home now, The Doggy Doctor said it's likely something Perry was murdering fought back and bit him. He has an infection in his foot. Antibiotics and anti inflammatory it is then.  He's now back in bed but knowing cats he'll soon be out hunting again. 
 On route to the vets I decided to take double trouble to Bont Fechan - I so wanted to see the snowdrops in the woodland and they didn't disappoint. Lots of photos on Facebook.
 I walked along the river and in taking this very photo I slipped down a bank on my knees. Now I nearly always wear my waterproofs .. but with such lovely weather I hadn't put them on. Later I must have looked great with muddy knees at the vets! 
We found the bench - only the second time ever that we've found it. 
"The one that got away!" 

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Lin said...

These pics are wonderful and because I know you didn't hurt yourself I can laugh which was so needed for me today, and Perry pick on something your own size next time get well soon little man x