Sunday, 12 February 2017

Cold Out There

... But Ziva still had her ice bath! Just seeing her lie in the frozen water made feel cold to my bones.
Apparently mum phoned whilst I was out and when she was told I was walking she said .. "I hope she's got a hat on!" Yeah not just a hat but also a hood over it. With temperatures touching  -8 here several nights the last week I think it's been the coldest spell in years, it's even cold in the cottage, and I've not said that in the last couple of years!
This photo took ages to get - Miss Parker just wanted to be off and had to be put back several times, hence Loki's ears are at half mast. Still we got it.
Kaiah, Loki and Tali
Asha "Forgot" to wait and I was too cold to be arsed to put her back
Asha, Loki, Sammi and Ziva
Jezi and a lame Nico
No idea what he's done, here's hoping something and nothing!
Whilst we where at A&E on Friday morning (Don't ask!) I had a call which I ignored followed by a text telling me "Our bitch is ready for mating can we come to Nico today?" Errr no! But I wasn't being difficult it was impossible. So yesterday I was fluttering about from here to there when my mobile rang again ... same people, but I was driving and couldn't answer. You know it then pissed me off a touch, I hadn't even been informed that the bitch was in season, just told that she was "ready." Well in my book that's bad manners, I have always informed stud dog owners of every step of my bitches season. People have lives and are not sitting at home waiting for their dogs to get a jump! Sorry. Anyway with Nico lame today I decided to text back and say Nico was not available for stud right now and should they want to try next time the bitch was in season then they should let me know as soon as she comes in season. They may go elsewhere, they may not, so cutting my nose to spite my face maybe? Ah well that's life!!! 

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Lin said...

Must admit it was bloody cold here today I told Lexi she had her fur coat on and she had to wait till I got all my layers on !!!!! But doubt it was as cold here as at yours LOL love the pics x