Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Another Phone Photo

And the only one I got before the little person vanished. 
I had been thinking Kaiah was smaller and finer than Sammi was at the same age, now I'm not so sure as she's growing like a weed again. From 4 months I have records and I'm looking forward to comparing her growth rate with her female ancestors. 
We stripped out the van this afternoon, took the cages out and scrubbed it out. The kids had a great time racing around the property, and god knows how Loki came back so filthy! Seriously I think the van washing may have been a pointless exercise as it'll no doubt be full of mud again by the end of the week. Well who cares! That's why we have the van, it's a dog van .. the car is always there for when we need it. 
That yellow van takes us everywhere. It adds to our quality of life. Can you see it? Lets's face it it's not easy to miss and I could never deny it if I'd been seen anywhere could I! I loved the white van too. With it I gained experience and trust in my driving abilities, and to be fair it was a far better looking van. No scratches or bumps, or cigarette burns in the seats, but it was sadly fair less reliable than this one. As an ex Police vehicle this one "has lived" and shows the scares of life, but touch wood it never lets me down! 
Not the only time the Blanik Bus arrived home on the back of a recovery truck!

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Lin said...

Pics are as lovely as ever and I'll never forget the day the white Blanik bus gave up the ghost on us !!!!!!!!!